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    Aquatix™ High Pressure Water Gun

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    Nettoyeur haute pression Hydro Jet | Pressure washer, High pressure, Car  washer

     “Having upgraded to the Aquatix™ high pressure water gun, I no longer face the expense of upgrading the entire system, which saved me thousands. Moreover, my car is cleaner than ever, and the fan extension is perfect for watering my garden and lawns. 10/10! All I needed, in one easy-to-use, straightforward water gun. 10/10!!
    - Michael T.

    ✔️ Boost the Pressure In Your Existing Hose Beyond All Expectations

    ✔️ Switch Between the Fan & Water Jet Extensions for More Precision and Control

    ✔️ Clean Cars, Rims, Boats, Tools & More to Blissful Perfection Using Nothing But Water

    ✔️ 15 Meters Spraying Distance for Household Cleaning, Plant Watering & More


    Industry-Grade Water Gun For the Household: Clean & Irrigate Anything to Perfection Using Nothing But Your Existing Hose

    Leverage the power of an industry-grade water gun to reimagine a smoother, more efficient, and more fun cleaning, irrigation maintenance for the entire household:

    • Two Nozzle Streams: Water Jet & Fan for Different Applications
    • Fits All Standard ¾  Garden Hoses
    • Fits 1” & ½” Female Hose Bib Connectors
    • Attachable to Pressure Washing Systems Using the Provided Adapter
    •  Easily wash your car, truck, camper, or boat and tackle dirty wheels and rims.
    • Suitable for car washing, plant watering, agricultural irrigating, household cleaning

    Get Aquatix™ today to save 40%.
    Invest in a hassle-free, smoother, and more powerful water gun now to save extra.
    Forget About Messy, Imprecise Car Washes & Endless Clean-Ups
    Simply Upgrade Your Standard Hose to Clean Anything In Your Household to Blissful Perfection
    Water Plants, Irrigate Lawns and Feel the Difference

    Hydro Jet High Pressure Power Washer | Pressure washer, Pressure washing,  Cool gadgets

    Forget the cash grabs, it’s all about giving.
    To say thank you, we’d like to include a special gift to your order if you purchase today.
    Shop your Aquatix™ High Pressure Water Gun now, and get a complimentary car wash liquid, free of charge.

    Package Includes:

    1 x Aquatix™ High-Pressure Water Gun

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    Nine Modes Multi-function Spray Gun High-pressure Water Gun Irrigation Tool  -

    A more efficient, smoother pressure washing is just around the corner.

    • Forget About Weak Water Pressure and Clean Efficiently
    • Just Switch the Hose Extension Instead of Upgrading the Entire System
    • Wholesome Pressure-Washing & Irrigation for the Entire Household

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