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    Wall Mending Paste + Tool
    Wall Mending Paste + Tool
    Wall Mending Paste + Tool
    Wall Mending Paste + Tool
    Wall Mending Paste + Tool
    Wall Mending Paste + Tool

    Wall Mending Paste + Tool

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    Tired of pesky holes and cracks littering your home? Buckle up for some quick and easy DIY fixes with the Magic White Latex Paint Wall Repair Cream! Providing superior results, it fills in cracks, dents, holes and more and smooths out into a virtually invisible, professional-looking finish.

    An easy tool anyone can use, it comes in a pre-mixed, quick-drying formula you can directly apply onto damages straight from the bottle. The results are waterproof and highly durable, with a high strength capable of strikes. It’s guaranteed to be safe to use for your home, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on various surfaces and materials.


    • Professional Finish - Fills in cracks, dents, holes and other wall damages and dries in a smooth white finish which is virtually invisible, professional-looking.
    • Instant Repair - Uses quick-drying ingredients, dries flawlessly.
    • Easy DIY - A pre-mixed formula that you can use right after opening it. Comes with a scraper.

    • Durable Results - Yields durable results that are resistant to shrinking, flaking or crumbling, waterproof, with a high strength for nails or screws.
    • Safe Formula & Odor-free - Non-toxic, odorless, mouldproof, waterproof and eco-friendly. Guaranteed safe to use for home.
    • Wide Application - Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, brick, stone and more.


    • Color: White
    • Material: Waterproof Resin, Wall Glue, Carbonate Cover
    • Size: 100 ml

    Product Includes:

    • 1 x Magic White Latex Paint Wall Repair Cream
    • 1 x Scraper

    30 day money-back guarantee

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