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    Auto-Cleaner™ Car Vacuum

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    Cleaning small dirt like sand, and pet hair is always a daunting and tedious task especially when you are using traditional tools or vacuum with poor suction to clean your car, luckily, with our Auto-Cleaner™, you can now easily clean your car and remove dirt in seconds as it can remove even the tiniest and stubborn thing such as sands, dirt, and pet hair in your car.

    Powerful Suction That Sucks Everything In Its Path
    - Our Auto-Cleaner™ has a very powerful suction that sucks everything in its path, whether it's sand, cookie crumbs, pet hair, and even liquid!

    Powerful HEPA Filter That Absorbs Fine Particles - Our Auto-Cleaner™ has a powerful HEPA filter or high-efficiency particulate air filter that filters and absorbs anything dust, or fine particles that were caught in the vacuum

    Easy To Carry And Doesn’t Consume Too Much Space - Our Auto-Cleaner™ is compact and made portable so that you can easily store it on the back of your car or your desired place and use it wherever you want.

    Complete Accessories To Suit Your Cleaning Needs - Our Auto-Cleaner™ comes up with complete accessories such as an extension tube and brush nozzle to effectively clean every part of your car, whether its air vent, cup holder, or the seat of your car.

    Now you can have a powerful vacuum with a strong suction that can easily suck any debris such as hair, sand, or even food crumbs, equipped with a HEPA filter to effectively clean your car wherever, and whenever you want

    ✔️Powerful Suctions The Sucks Everything 

    ✔️HEPA filter that absorbs fine particles 

    ✔️Portable And Compact

    ✔️Complete Accessories To Suit Your Needs

    📦 Package Includes

    1 package of Auto-Cleaner™ Car Vacuum

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