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    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench
    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench
    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench
    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench
    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench
    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench
    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench
    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench

    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench

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    OmniTool™ Universal Wrench

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’m a handy type of guy, but boy god, I could have only dreamed of a tool like this. It does absolutely everything you could think of doing with a wrench, and it’s got over 40 functions to it. Just think about it, 40+ different options! That’s amazing!”

    - Michael U. 

    Forget About Not Having The Right Tool & Handle Any Fix Simply & Effortlessly 

    Aren’t you tired of needing to fix something and not having the right tool with you? Well, you’re not alone there. It happens to everyone!

    But luckily, with this universal wrench, you’ll be able to handle anything that comes up because it can prevent forty-eight potential headaches, one for each type & size of screw it wins against!

    With OmniTool™, you’ll be able to handle various angles when you reach for screws, and you’ll handle standard and metric sizes with just a flip of it, all with a new ergonomic handle!


    The 360° rotation capability on both sides of the OmniTool™ allows access to any and all major bolt screws. Be they spline bolts, 6 & 12-point bolts, Torx, or any other you might need, OmniTool™ is there for you!


    Whether you need OmniTool™ to work on your vehicle or you need it around the house, perhaps even in the outdoors, it’s there for you. With its incredible versatility and ultimate effectiveness for various fixes, OmniTool­™ is there for you!


    With its fully rotatable head that provides numerous different bolt solutions, there comes a unique benefit. OmniTool™ accommodates any angle you might need to get that screw tight or loose. Just reach for it, and you got it!

    OmniTool™ Features:

    ✓ 48-in-1 Solution

    ✓ 360° Rotatable Head

    ✓ Angle-Adaptive

    Tackle Any Bolt Effortlessly & Save 50% With
    FREE Expedited Shipping

    ✓ Rotate It To Find The Matching Bolt Shape

    ✓ Use It Anywhere You Need A Wrench

    ✓ Always Find The Right Angle For Your Screws

    1 x OmniTool™ Universal Wrench

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