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    HeatPusher™ Heat Powered Wood Burning Stove Fan 4 Blades

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    HeatPusher™ Heat Powered Wood Burning Stove Fan 4 Blades

    No More Sitting Right Next To The Stove!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Amazingly efficient! It heats on the log burner and then uses that heat to spin whisper-quiet, no electricity! This helps redistribute the heat all over the place, and now the heat is evenly distributed around the house, instead of only around the burner. 10/10!”

    - Robert M.


    Heat powered: The fan works without batteries, ropes, or electricity and is environmentally friendly. It generates its energy thanks to the heat released by the surface of the stove. The base of the fan transmits the heat to the units of production of electricity and the units of electricity production convert the heat energy into kinetic energy. The energy necessary to drive the motor, then the blades turn.

    Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room: Upgrade 4 blades and dispense warm air throughout the room. Simply place the stove fan on a flat, smooth surface on the top of your stove, near the side or back of the stovepipe. You must place the stove fan at least 4 inches from the stovepipe. This will work when the stove surface is hot.


    Operating temperature: 40°C -340°C (644°F): The fan rotates when the temperature reaches 40 ° C. The warmer the base of the fan, the faster the fan rotates, and the more the fan circulates in the room. It will slow down and stop while the stove is cooling down.

    Innovative and durable design: The fan assembly is made of anodized aluminium, which will not rust and corrode if the fan overheats. A bimetallic safety device is installed at the base of the fan. If the surface temperature exceeds 300°C, the safety device gently raises the front of the fan to protect the TEG and the motor.

    Silent operation: Features the unique design of the blade, the oven blower can drive more warm air with quiet operation. No noise. You will enjoy the warm air in a calm and comfortable environment.

    ✔️ Redistribute Heat Evenly Around the Entire Living Space

    ✔️ Reduce Electricity Bill Costs and Save Extra

    ✔️ No More Reheating With Electrical Heaters

    ✔️ Get a Whisper-Quiet 3-Bladed Heating Fan That Uses Heat to Spin

    Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

    The heat-powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood/coal or pellet-burning. Make full use of the heat from your wood stove and quickly disperse it into your room. The room will heat up faster. It continues to circulate hot air to keep the room warm all the time. 

    ✅ Starts up quickly

    Due to the fact that hot air rises, most of the heat from your stove simply escapes directly above and gathers around the ceiling. Without a stove fan, you have to wait a long time to feel the warmth.

    Unlike Electric Cooling Fan which can create strong air pushing, heat powered stove fan helps to increase room temperature by spreads heat around the room gently and silently without feeling the wind.

    ⛔🚨Warnings and 👍Tips

    1. Never handle the base of the wood-burning stove fan, do not set the fireplace fan down on an unprotected surface when the surface is very hot.
    2. Do NOT place the log burner fan in front of the chimney pipe, too close to the chimney will reduce its performance, and even cause fan damage by overheat, the optimum position is at the top of the side part of the stovetop.
    3. To move or carry the wood-burning stove fan, always use the extendable handle while wearing gloves.
    4. Keep heat-powered fans away from small children when in use.


    Tracking Numbers will ALWAYS be sent so you can track them every step of the way! Cool things are worth waiting for! 😉

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