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    SpringWave™ Bird Bath Solar Fountain

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    I was taken aback by the simplicity of this charming little fountain’s installation, putting it together was nothing compared to the beautiful vibes it added to my backyard in no more than 15 minutes it took me to assemble it and put it into operation. 10/10!

    Charlie T.

    ✔️ Super Easy to Assemble & Install

    ✔️ Fully Autonomous Solar Fountain & Bird Bath For Your Garden

    ✔️ Beautiful Oasis to Invite Random Cute Birds for a Refreshment

    ✔️ Get an Entirely Solar-Powered Powerful Pump That’s Easy to Maintain


    Create a Mesmerizing Garden Display That Doesn’t Require Extra Maintenance

    Designed to ensure a smooth & easy assemblance and work fully autonomously, this solar-powered bird bath fountain combines a timeless concept with a cutting edge solar twist. While creating a lively display and enriching any outdoor peisage with the appealing sounds of streaming water, this unique fountain invites cheerful birdies over for a refreshing chirping & bathing session, adding serenity, peace and diversity to your everyday experience.

    A subtle, yet unignorably charming in its appealing simplicity, this little solar-powered fountain adds a calming touch of harmony to any outdoor space:

    • Fully Solar-Powered & Autonomous
    • Super Easy for Anyone to Assemble & Put Into Action the Same Day
    • 4 Easy Interchangeable Fountain to Create a Variety of Unique Springs

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    Invest in a more serene, relaxing outdoors, and save extra.

    Break the Monotony of Any Outdoor Peisage

    Enjoy Aesthetic Views of Chirping Birdy Visitors

    Enliven Your Outdoor Space, Without Adding Maintenance Hassles

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    Forget the cash grabs, it’s all about giving.

    To say thank you, we’d like to include a special gift to your order if you purchase today.

    Package Includes:

    1 x SpringWave™ Bird Bath Solar Fountain

    4 x Interchangeable Fountain Head

    1 x User Manual

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    A more vivid, relaxing ambiance is just around the corner.

    • Vivify and Enchanted Your Outdoor Ambiance, Hassle-Free
    • Get a Fully Autonomous, Solar-Powered Fountain That Doesn’t Require Extra Maintenance
    • Enjoy Reinvigorating Sights of Cute Chirping Birds That Come to Visit

    30 day money-back guarantee

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