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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Amazing toy, my puppy can’t get enough of it! He always sneaks up on it, tosses it around, brings it to my feet! I can finally go to work knowing he’s’ not feeling lonely and desperate waiting for me to come back. He’s been in a great mood ever since he got it!”
- Nicholas W.
✔️ Engaging toy to relieve your dog’s separation anxiety when you’re away
✔️ Highly realistic to stimulate feral instincts and combat boredom
✔️ Prevent destructive behavior caused by loneliness and restlessness


Keep Your Puppy or Kitten Happy With Endless Hours of Solo Play Time


70% of dogs and cats show symptoms of anxiety, stress, and boredom. Floppy™️ is the #1 best-selling toy to help them overcome loneliness and prevent destructive behavior while you’re at work or away.

  • Improve well-being, satisfy natural instincts, and combat boredom
  • Featuring motion sensors, Floppy™️ flops when played with
  • Made of bite-proof materials and safe to play with for all dog breed


✔️ Motion Sensor—Flops, swings, and tosses around when played with

✔️ Lifelike & Realistic—Highly detailed 3D design; Tuna & Grass-Carp

✔️ Durable & Pet-Safe—Bite-proof for all dog breeds

✔️ Strong Rechargeable Battery—USB-charged, lasting for days on end

Surprise Your Pet & Save 40%

✓ Relieve Separation Anxiety

✓ No More Boredom & Loneliness

✓ Less Stress, More Solo Play Time

✓ Puppies and Kittens LOVE It


📦 Package Includes:

1 x Floppy™️ Realistic Fish Toy For Dogs
1 x USB Charging Cable

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A life hack all dogs and cat owners need, Floppy™️ gives you peace of mind knowing your dog’s all good when you need to head out and leave them alone for a while.

  • Lifelike swinging and tail wagging make for a challenging prey
  • Motion sensors to increase engagement and playtime
  • Reduce destructive behavior toward household items

30 day money-back guarantee

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