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    SharpEyes - Sunglasses That Adapt To Light

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    See the world in a way you have never done before! Sunglasses that adapt to light and make you look perfect in all different weather conditions.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The glasses are very good for protecting your eyes from blue lights while driving or behind a computer. I regularly use mine for these purposes. They have solid built quality. They look stylish, overall a good buy for the price.”

    - Jean A.

    The technology behind SharpEyes is based on chemical reactions in the glass, which are activated by the ultraviolet light to which the sunglasses are exposed. This means that the glasses adjust themselves depending on the brightness.

    SEE DETAILS IN A WHOLE NEW WAY — When you use SharpEyes, you can distinguish details in the same way as if you were not wearing sunglasses. This is what makes SharpEyes so much better than any other sunglasses. You get good protection against the dazzling effect of the sun without having to compromise on visual acuity.

    PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES — For those who like fishing and outdoor life, SharpEyes is a must! On the fishing trip, these sunglasses are the obvious choice. You do not have to be dazzled by the sun that is reflected in the water, at the same time as you can distinguish the fish that swim below the water surface.


    The uses for SharpEyes are many. As you get perfect light transmission in all situations, you can advantageously wear these when you are out driving, on the ski slope or at the football match.

    Exemplary light transmission

    Thanks to the smart construction with chemical reactions in the glass, you always get a perfect light transmission when you use SharpEyes. The sunglasses work just as well in glorious sunshine as in cloudy weather.

    Comfortable fit

    Not only are the glasses on SharpEyes innovative and efficient, the frames are also made of a robust alloy that can withstand adventure and outdoor life. The nose clips are made of soft silicone and fit perfectly over the nose. SharpEyes fit all face shapes and are nicely designed to fit most styles. Work for both the sporty and the more well-dressed.

    ✔️ Photochromic Good Quality Lens
    ✔️ Comfortable Adjustable Nose Pads
    ✔️ Durable Non-Slip Temple
    ✔️ Lightweight Frame for Long Time Wearing

    📦 Package Includes

    1 X SharpEyes - Sunglasses That Adapt To Light
    1 X Glasses Box
    1 X Soft Glasses Cloth
    1 X Polarized Test Card

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