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    HerbCare™ Shampoo Bar

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    Discover the latest solution for gray hair that provides outstanding color, strength, nourishment, and hydration that transforms every hair back to its natural state and gives color and volume back to your hair!

    Are you tired of covering the faded and gray curls with chemical hair dye?

    HerbCare ™ Shampoo Bar brings back the vitality of older and gray hair!

    HerbCare ™  - Shampoo Bar helps you regain your hair's natural beauty in its best shape in no time. This product has gained great popularity due to its effectiveness and will never cause any harm thanks to its organic formulation consisting of POLYGONUM AND PANAX GINSENG.

    How important are these two ingredients?


    Polygonum is a powerful building block for restoring hair color. It promotes blood circulation to the scalp by nourishing the liver and kidneys, leading to healthier hair growth. It increases melanin synthesis and replenishes the hair follicles.

    Panax ginseng, commonly known as ginseng, is one of the many types of herbs used for various health purposes. It is considered an adaptogen, which are natural substances that are supposed to stimulate the body's resistance to stressors.

    HerbCare™ Shampoo Bar

    ✔ Moisturizes and repairs damage to the hair

    ✔ Biologically manufactured, 100% safe, and non-toxic.

    ✔ Get back the natural and vibrant color of your hair in just a few weeks!

    ✔ Prevents hair loss and dandruff, effectively enriches the scalp and hair follicles while improving blood circulation to promote healthier hair growth.

    ✔ Each bar lasts for up to 2 weeks

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