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    Reflex Ball™ Head Band Fighting Punch Ball
    Reflex Ball™ Head Band Fighting Punch Ball
    Reflex Ball™ Head Band Fighting Punch Ball
    Reflex Ball™ Head Band Fighting Punch Ball
    Reflex Ball™ Head Band Fighting Punch Ball

    Reflex Ball™ Head Band Fighting Punch Ball

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    Lifting weights and long hours on the Gym bike is not the only way to get fit! In fact, Reflex Ball™ might be even better and far more compelling. Perfect for calorie burning and conditioning! Also, it's very addicting!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ”This is a lot of fun. I find it addictive, like playing a good video game. But how is it for developing your boxing skills? That is hard to say. I don't feel like it encourages proper form. But for developing good focus, it is excellent! The attached video is me toying around with it after two weeks. I'm wearing bag gloves which offer a nice squared-off surface that seems to make it easier to control the ball. I found the black ball hard to see so I put some yellow paint on it."

    - Matthew L.
    RAISE YOUR REFLEX Poor reflexes in the ring lead to painful losses. Knockout the competition when you refine your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with Champs MMA’s reaction ball set.

    READY, SET, SPAR No need for guards or gloves with Champs MMA’s winning boxing equipment. Begin boxing training as soon as possible with our three different variants.

    A BALL FOR EVERY BOXER Beginner or beast, beef up your skills with Champs MMA’s boxing gear. Your boxing reflex ball includes one ball for you to increase the intensity as you improve your instincts.

    FITS ANY FIGHTER Sharpen your skills no matter your size. Your boxing workout equipment features an adjustable Velcro headband plus strings you can shorten to benefit your fitness.

    NO KNOTS, NO PROBLEM Never pause your punches to untangle straps. Instead, focus on your fitness without tedious untangling thanks to your boxing accessories’ innovative knot-free rotating buckle.


    ✔️ Promotes Hand-Eye Coordination, Speed, and Agility
    ✔️ Enhances Strength, Stamina, and Endurance
    ✔️Great for Beginner, Amateur, and Professional Athletes
    ✔️ Designed for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Male and Female)

    ✨Product Specifications ✨
    Weight: 85g for Advanced Design/23g for Primary Design
    Suit for: Adult and Kids

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