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    NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case
    NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case
    NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case
    NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case
    NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case

    NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case

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    Are you always worried your phone is being peeked on? That your mobile banking and payment information will be seen and taken? Afraid that someone always has eyes on your phone screen when you're in public?

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Great case! Works flawlessly and won’t fall apart like other cases that are similar. If I could I’d buy 10 of these for all my friends and family. It’s a MUST BUY 15/10!”

    - Jane K.

    Anti Peeping/Privacy Magnetic Phone Case - One of the highlights of this phone case for iPhone is that it is with Anti Peeping function. When you are using your phone and there are many people around you, only you can see the messages or other information on your phone. It can protect your privacy well and avoid embarrassment.

    Automatic Magnetic Suction, Easy to Install - The case has two front and rear pieces that are automatically adsorbed together, and your phone is wrapped 360 degrees, which is extremely easy to install and provides 360 degrees of protection for your phone. 

    Screen Protection, Face Recognition - The NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case does not only has an anti-peeping function but also supports face recognition function. Other than that it can also protect your screen, you need not buy screen protectors for your phone eliminating the trouble of attaching a tempered film, and it is easy to install.

    Support Wireless Charging - The NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case is case-friendly with wireless charging, supports wireless charging without removing the case.

    ✓ Super Strong 9H Tempered Glass
    ✓ Sturdy Alloy Frame
    ✓ Multiple color options
    ✓ Easy to use Magnetic Case

    Our powerful technology will protect you in every aspect of privacy

    ✅ Screen Content Protection
    Completely blocks out all contents of your phone screen.

    ✅ Ultra Durable
    Drop tested up to 50 feet, have total confidence in phone protection.

    ✅ Dust and Scratch Proof
    The tempered glass keeps your phone safe and clean from the elements.

    📦 Package Included:

    1 x Magnetic Case
    (Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones 11 Pro Max 11 Pro 11 6 7 8 Plus XR XS Max XS X)
    Product Type: Screen Glass


    🎯 NOTE 🎯

    • Please ensure your phone is without the screen protector, and install your phone into the case. You do not need to buy another screen protector.
    • After wiping the screen inside the phone case, put the phone into the phone case.

    🚩 WARNING 🚩

    Beware of falling when you drop the phone, the magnets may fall off causing the phone to slide out of the case.

    ORDER NOW to experience the NoPeek™ Premium Privacy Phone Case has to offer!! We stand behind our product and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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    30 day money-back guarantee

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