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    EdgeRoller™ Precision Roller Brush

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    Precision-edging brush to paint perfect edges around doors, windows, ceilings & more!

    "Admirable quality brushes, this paint roller lets me paint around power sockets, paintings, and doors perfectly also comes with two additional rollers so you won’t run out halfway through! Best of all, the handle is comfy and rotatable so my wrist doesn’t get tired for hours!

    - Simon

    Painting the walls? Whether you want to save time and avoid setting up masking tapes around each and every little edge and corner of your house, or you’re OK with using it but want to maximize the safety of your furniture and paint like a pro while you’re at it, this cleverly designed precision roller is the power tool of choice.

    Made of delicate, high-quality fiber, EdgeRoller™ is an effortless, precise, and definite solution to precisely paint around your doors, windows, ceiling, and all those other things you don’t want to accidentally cover in paint!


    Ergonomic Rotary Handle - Rotatable in every direction, this thick, smooth handle is comfortable to hold over longer periods of time. This, in turn, lets you achieve more precision, stability, and measure to your hand movements, resulting in a flawless layer of paint each time.

    Super-Absorbent Roller - Made of the highest quality, crystal-sharp yet highly absorbent fibers, this roller successfully prevents paint leaking and splattering, and achieves a better, more equal paint distribution.

    Two Reserve Rollers - EdgeRoller™ package includes two additional fine, premium-quality rollers. Very easy to replace, durable and washable, if properly maintained, these can easily pull off several paint jobs.

     Clean Cut Paint Edger Roller – Menghuy


    EdgeRoller™ Summary:

    ✔️ Durable, Fully Rotatable Ergonomic Handle

    ✔️ High-Quality Precision Roller

    ✔️ 2 Additional, Replaceable Rollers

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