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    Mood Bump™ Desktop Boxing Ball Stress Relief

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    You don't need to go to an opera or watch a movie to bust the stress at work now because the legendary Desktop Boxing Ball Stress Relief is here!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Best purchase I ever made! I have high stress at my job and instead of bottling it in, I hit the crap out of this thing and release it. Honestly makes me feel better. I did hit it hard enough to knock it off the pole but that is to be expected when you hit it that hard. Love it. If it breaks I would buy another one lol"

    - Ketz L.

    RELIEVE STRESS — The mini punching bag desk toy can attach to any surface to give you instant stress relief right at your fingertips, perfect as stress relief office funny gifts for our coworkers. 

    RESILIENT SPRING KEEPS COMING BACK FOR MORE —  The durable spring bounces the punching boxing stress ball back every time you hit it so that you can keep going until you're calm, Great for adults and kids alike

    HEAVY-DUTY COMPOSITION — No matter how long you need to vent, this desk punching bag stress relief toy can take the heat over and over and relieve your anxiety.

    GREAT FOR HOME OR WORK ENVIRONMENTS  Voted as Top Cool Gadgets of the year, Kill daily life stress at home or work tension at the job with these stress reliever office desk accessories

    INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED — This inflatable desktop punching ball comes with an air pump to ensure that the ball is always inflated and ready for action.

    Release frustration instantly. Lash out work without getting fired.

    ✔️ Super addictive and fun
    ✔️ Can handle the hardest punch and bounces back quickly
    ✔️ Sucking mechanism at the base attaches to any flat surface

    Care Instructions ✨ 
    Clean the dust on the desk and the suction cup by moistening them and drying them with a towel before installation.
    - The suction cup is not applicable for undulant or wet surface
    - The needle is placed in the handle of the pump
    - Ensure all components are strongly assembled before punching

    📦 Package Includes:

    Punching Ball (With protection ring and logo) x 1 
    Suction Cup x 1
    Stainless Steel Spring x 1
    Pump with Needle x 1 (Stored at the handle of the pump)
    Instruction Card
    Colorful package box as a gift 

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