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    Neatio™ Nimble Microfiber Mop
    Neatio™ Nimble Microfiber Mop
    Neatio™ Nimble Microfiber Mop
    Neatio™ Nimble Microfiber Mop
    Neatio™ Nimble Microfiber Mop
    Neatio™ Nimble Microfiber Mop

    Neatio™ Nimble Microfiber Mop

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    180 Degree Rotatable Adjustable Triangle Cleaning Mop | eBay


    I don’t struggle to dust off shelf tops anymore, and my floors are shinier and easier to clean than ever. It dries super fast, so by the time I finish preparing to clean another surface, it’s ready 10/10!

    - Charlie T.


    ✔️ Unique Triangular Design For Harder-to-Reach Spots

    ✔️ Top-Quality Microfiber With Thick Bristles

    ✔️ Rotatable up to 180°, Adjustable-Length Handle

    ✔️ Safe to Use, Soft & Highly Efficient On All Surfaces

    The Lazy Cleaner’s Best Friend to Clean Any Surface to Perfection With Minimum Effort

    Mopping around is tiresome and hassle, but when the floors or the windows refuse to mop themselves, Neatio™ is your best bet for a smoother riddance of those few to-do list annoyances. With super-thick microfiber bristles, an adjustable-length handle, and a rotatable head, Neatio™ lets you clean surfaces to perfection without bending over backwards to reach it, or going over it twice, whether it’s the floors, the shelves, or the windows.

    Forget about junk non-absorbent mops and rags, and feel the fluidity and ease of cleaning with the world’s softest mop:

    • Dozens of Super Thick, Super Soft Microfiber Bristles
    • Quick-Drying, Highly Absorbent Chenille
    • 54 cm Handle, Extendable for Another 36 cm
    • 180° Rotatable Head


    Get your Neatio™ today to save 40%.
    Invest in hassle-free cleaning now, and save extra.

    Take the Stress Out of Your Cleaning Routine
    Quicker Drying, Stronger Absorption
    Clean Hard-to-Reach Spots on Any Surface

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    Forget the cash grabs, it’s all about giving.
    To say thank you, we’d like to include a special gift to your order if you purchase today.

    Shop your Neatio™ now, and get one replacement head, free of charge.

    180 Degree Rotatable Adjustable Triangle Cleaning Mop - WINGUJD


    Package Includes:

    1 x Neatio™ Microfiber Mop

    1 x Extra Replacement Mop Head

    Shop now and experience the benefits of domestic shopping: Affordable prices, free expedited shipping and dedicated customer service, quick to address any and all of your queries.

    Extendable Triangle Mop,180 Degree Multifunction Microfiber | eBay

    A more laidback, hassle-free is just around the corner.

    • Stop Bending Over Backwards to Clean Hard-to-Reach Spots
    • Clean Hassle-Free & Efficiently
    • Quick-Drying Chenille Can Be Reused Faster

    30 day money-back guarantee

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