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    Laundry Sheets
    Laundry Sheets
    Laundry Sheets
    Laundry Sheets
    Laundry Sheets
    Laundry Sheets
    Laundry Sheets

    Laundry Sheets

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    Laundry detergent in a single sheet. Doing laundry is a breeze with these fresh detergent sheets. New unique format…no spills, no mess, no fuss, no measuring! Formulated with seven different enzymes blended to clean up the dirt and oily residues from skin and strong stains. This magic sheet completely dissolves in hot water, and even in cold water leaving no residue behind. Fresh and clean lemon and lavender scent from natural aroma oils, with odor-removing baking soda. 

    Mixed Dyeing Proof Color Absorption Sheet – motrendy

    • 30 easy-dissolving sheets
    • Fresh lemon and lavender scent
    • Special formula of blended enzymes removes stains with maximized cleaning effect
    • Mild, long-lasting fragrance with natural aroma oil
    • With baking soda to help eliminate odors
    • Each, 9" L x 8 W"
    • For machine-wash fabrics only
    • Perforated to size down per load
    • Use one whole sheet for a large load of laundry. 
    • Perforated to size down for small loads of laundry. 
    • 100% water soluble
    • Works in all washers

    TO USE
    Place the sheet directly with the laundry and follow your normal wash cycle. For strong stains, place the sheet on the stain, leave it for few minutes and put it in the laundry machine. 

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