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    Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad
    Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad
    Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad
    Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad
    Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad
    Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad

    Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad

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    Working On The Floor Kneeling Is Painful And Probably Not The Best For Your Knee For The Long Term, Especially When You Have To Work For Hours And Finish The Project Fast. With The Help Of Our Knee-Skate™, You Can Now Protect Your Knee And Work On The Floor Freely For Hours Without Feeling Any Pain!


    “We installed hardwood floors, and I started having problems with my knees, so I bought these. They worked great, I could move around the room, and get the tools I left on another side of the room with ease. I just wish I had bought them before I started, instead of halfway through, would have saved me a lot of pain.”

    -J. Shepherd

    Protects Your Knee And Prevent It From Long Term Damage - Working on the floor on your knees is painful and might cause a long-term problem, with the help of our Knee-Skate™, you can now work freely while making sure your knee is protected.

    Lessen The Pressure On The Knee - Our Knee-Skate™ includes a tapered gel knee pad that is designed to evenly displace weight and lessen the pressure on your knee, allowing you to move freely while working

    Durable Caster That Can Hold Up To 480lbs Of Weight - Our Knee-Skate™ has a durable caster that can hold up to 80lbs each with the maximum weight of 480lbs, so you are assured that the rolling knee pad can hold you without breaking when used.

    Allows You To Finish Projects Faster - With the help of our Knee-Skate™, you don’t have to pause or delay working on your project because your knee is hurting, allowing you to finish your project faster and more efficient.

    Now You Can Work And Finish Your Project Faster Without Worrying About Hurting Your Knee With The Help Of Our Knee-Skate™!

    ✔️Durable Casters That Can Hold Up To 480lbs

    ✔️Quick Release Button

    ✔️Tapered Gel Knee Pad

    ✔️Less Tension On The Back Of Your Knees

    📦 Package Includes

    1 pair of Knee-Skate™ Rolling Knee Pad

    ✨Product Specifications ✨

    Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ ‎10.88 x 10.69 x 6.75 inches

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