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    RazorSlot™ Holders
    RazorSlot™ Holders
    RazorSlot™ Holders
    RazorSlot™ Holders
    RazorSlot™ Holders
    RazorSlot™ Holders

    RazorSlot™ Holders

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”I actually saw this in a hotel, and having three hangers with the middle one holding a razor blew my mind! I remember thinking “Who thought of this thing, it’s just brilliant!”. The chief of maintenance was a great guy, and told me where I can get them, and not only did I get some for our bathrooms, I even gave them out as tiny gifts to my mates.”

    -Fred V.

    Keep Your Razors Neatly Arranged & Always Dry

    Do you use a razor daily, but always end up misplacing it, especially if you’re in a jiffy? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone that uses one!

    When you use your razors, you’re clearing your mind of excess thoughts while you focus on clearing your face of excess facial hair. It’s no wonder you can end up putting your razors in different hard to find spots. 

    But with RazorSlot™ multipractic stick-on holders, your razors & anything you want to hang will always be in its place, dry and neatly organized!


    With their strong adhesive, you can install RazorSlot™ holders on any surface effortlessly, without worrying if it’ll fall off. Best of all, no need to punch a hole in your walls. They’re there to stay exactly where you want them.


    Designed with utility in mind, all RazorSlot™ holders perform without a hitch, even if they’re used to hang your clothes, bathroom appliances, jewelry, even heavy wet towels. You’ll have plenty of space, but without the risk of finding your stuff on the floor.


    When you use multiple units of the same product, they easily get mixed up and end up in each other's places. RazorSlot™ holders prevent that by enticing proper placement, so you’ll always be sure which razor is for what. 

    RazorSlot™ Holder Features:

    ✓ Perfect for Holding Razors

    ✓ Industrial Grade Adhesive

    ✓ Strong Hook For Just About Anything

    Never Mix Up Your Razors Again & Save 50% With Free Expedited Shipping.

    ✓ Hang Your Razors Securely And Neatly 

    ✓ Know Which Razor Is For What & Where It Is

    ✓ Hang Any Appliance Anywhere

    Package Includes:

    1 x RazorSlot™ Holder

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