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    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow
    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow
    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow
    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow
    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow
    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow
    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow

    HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Having dealt with severe lumbar pain for so long, I got used to it and accepted it. I used to try and alleviate it by using random pillows I had at home, but to no effect. HipAlign™ made a huge difference immediately—which I noticed the first time I stood up after 8 hours of coding without almost falling to my knees from back pain and muscle tension that used to clench my ischiatic nerve for so long!”

    -Erin L

    Turn Any Office Chair Or Car Seat Into A Comfort Throne

    Feel like you’d give all you got for a minute’s break from the ceaseless pain and discomfort as a result of too much sitting?

    Well, it doesn’t cost the earth to sit pain-free.

    Imagine sitting on a cloud that molds to your tush for zero pressure comfort, while offering just enough resistance that you feel stable and grounded.

    That’s exactly what it feels like to sit on the HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow!

    Sense your entire body come alive and your skeleton align as Levity™ resets your posture and gently massages your hips, lower back, and buttocks.

    Sit Long Hours Without Tolerating Unyielding Back Pain

    Can’t wait to get out of your office chair or car seat due to everyday pain & discomfort after hours of sitting?

    Designed to provide maximum comfort and support, this premium memory foam cushion lets you sit for hours without straining your back, hips, and buttocks.

    Here to help you sit better for good, HipAlign™ was made of the finest memory foam to retain original shape even after years of use.

    Just place it on top of your car seat and work or drive for hours pain-free!

    Feel Your Body Thank You As Your Posture Improves

    Did you know? The average US adult sits 6.5 hours a day. For teens, it's even more.

    Now get a load of this… The normal office worker sits a shocking 15 hours every single day. And that’s according to Forbes.

    But it's not the act of sitting itself that will kill you, but the repercussions of moving too little.

    That’s why HipAlign™ uses a premium memory foam that simulates the effects of massage each time you waggle a little, promoting deep tissue blood flow on one hand, while aligning your entire back on the other.

    So if you want to give your body the healthier sitting it deserves, click Buy Now and save €50 off the HipAlign™ Pelvic Support Pillow while supplies last!

    How & Where to Use HipAlign™ to Sit Comfortably:

    • DESK WORK - lace HipAlign™ on any home or office chair to counter bad posture and relieve neuralgia, arthritic pain and muscle tension symptoms.
    • AT THE WHEEL - HipAlign™ helps you retain comfort, control and maneuverability at the wheel, while activating posture control muscles and improving circulation in the lower parts of your body.
    • ON THE FLOOR - HipAlign™ uses its concave “O” design to ergonomically support your lower back and buttock, while adhering to the shape of your sit bones to relieve the pressure they make on the underlying tissue.
    • POST-SURGERY - Use HipAlign™ to maintain a healthy posture and speed up recovery from lower body or belly procedures by improving circulation, helping relax fatigued, tense muscles and relieving joint pressure and pain.
    • HAMSTRING TIGHTNESS - HipAlign™ systematically relieves hamstring tightness by striking the root of the issue and relaxing the fatigued muscles that caused the tension in the first place.
    • BUTTOCK FITNESS - Over time, uncomfy sitting delivers a steady pressure to buttock muscle tissue, gradually causing it to loosen up and lose its shape. HipAlign™ counters this effect by supporting your spine-hip bone structure to promote blood flow to the area and enable your body to fight back.


    When your spine is on the line, everything you do (or don’t do) to improve your posture and align your hips now makes a huge difference in the future.

    Investing in HipAlign™ today can potentially save you precious dollars otherwise wasted on overpriced chyro sessions or medical treatments later if the issue is left unattended.

    30 day money-back guarantee

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