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    GardenGenie™ Gardening Claw Gloves

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    Claws Garden Gloves | Gardening gloves, Cool things to buy, Gloves


    Gloves are also very waterproof, and it is very convenient to wash them when not in use. They can be washed directly at the tap.



    Easy to plant

    Garden gloves with 4 built-in durable ABS plastic claws on each hand, Easy to dig and plant without hand tools in gardening work.

    Easy to plant

    Puncture Resistant

    High quality protective latex rubber coating prevents accidental cuts, scratches and pricks from thorns, sticks, broken nails.

    • All 8 claws have been attached with an environmentally friendly adhesive. Quick and easy to plant - 4 ABS plastic claws on Left and Right Glove.


    • Fits Like a Second Skin. Durable, waterproof, puncture-resistant to protect your hands.


    • Breathable technology that protects your hands from dirt, sweat and injuries while heavy-duty work.


    • ONE SIZE Fits most women, men and even big kids - The best stylish choice for protecting the hands in the family.


    • Quick and Easy to Plant -- Your great choice in gardening work!

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