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FurCatcher™ Floating Fur And Lint Catcher

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Say goodbye to the annoying and stubborn fur and lints that’s been keeping you from wearing your favorite clothes with our FurCatcher™

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I was very surprised at how well these actually work. They catch so much lint. I use them with my Della portable washer machine and they make such a great difference. When I don't use them my clothes come out looking like I rolled around in cat fur.” - Clodagh N.

Effectively Grabs The Fur And The Lints On The Clothes - It is a pain to wash your clothes especially when there’s a lot of lint or fur on it. Luckily, our FurCatcher™ can effectively grabs them when place on the washer

Stops Lint And Fur From Clogging The Washer - Sometimes the lint or fur removed from the clothes end up clogging up the washer, with our FurCatcher™ you can now catch the lint and fur and prevent them from clogging the washer

Saves You Time Picking The Hair Off - Sometimes after wash, some hair is left on your favorite clothes and it is time-consuming to remove them, but with our FurCatcher™ you can save a lot of time just placing one of our fur catchers in the washer and you are good to go.

Can Be Reused Over And Over Again - Our FurCatcher™ is not just one-time use. It is designed to be used over and over again so that you don’t have to worry about stubborn hair and lint for a very long time.

✔️ Effectively Catches Fur And Lints

✔️ Easy To Use

✔️ Can Be Reused Over And Over Again

✔️ Perfect For Pet Lovers

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