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    Flex & Move™ Tummy Trimmer Exerciser for Waist Trimming, Abs Exercise, Bicep for Men & Women

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    No time for the gym? Workout from home, the office, in a hotel, on the beach. YOU GOT THE PICTURE! Our Flex & Move™ Tummy Trimmer Exerciser is lightweight, portable, and easy to pack so that you never miss a workout.


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ”I have bad knees and this is such an awesome tool for me to use to exercise with. It helps me bend more easily when doing exercises."

    - Glendora P. 

    EASY, FAST, AND EFFECTIVE — Equipped with a foam handle and anti-skid footrest, Flex & Move™ is very easy to use. Whether you are up for a full workout or have just a few spare minutes, it will always give you quick and visible results.


    ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE Flex & Move™ is designed to train all body muscles. You can use it while standing, sitting, or doing yoga/stretching to prevent spine and lumbar pain.

    VERSATILITY AND PORTABILITY  Being a unisex and free-size reducer, Flex & Move™ can be used by anyone regardless of age or size. Portable size allows you to carry it wherever you go.

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL FITNESS TOOL — Great for muscle strengthening, muscle toning, fat burning, Flex & Move™ also help improve your joint mobility, agility, and overall body flexibility.

    PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS — Made with thick latex, silicone, and foam, Flex & Move™ ensures sturdiness and durability. Apart from making you fit and active, it also works as a great stress buster.


    1. Waist Exercised

    Footing flat on the fixed footrest, holding the handle. With the tube it's flexible do sit-ups. It can consume twice as many calories as usual sit-ups.

    2. Arm Exercised

    Sitting on the chair and footing on the footrest, keep in 90 angles, pull around the tube. Palms hold up the pull.

    3. Shoulder Exercised

    Standing still and footing on the footrest, hold on to the handle firmly pull up and down. Recommendation 15 times each, repeat 2-3group. It can prevent scapulohumeral periarthritis, increasing the flexibility of the shoulder.

    4. Leg Exercised

    Lying on the yoga mat, holding on the handle, and footing on the footrest. Legs are bent in 90 angles and forced forward.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Does Tummy Trimmer really work?

    A: Yes, a Tummy trimmer helps in enhancing your core strength by making your arms and chest stronger. It is also used in toning your hips and thighs making it full-body workout equipment.

    Q: Does Tummy Trimmer reduce belly fat?
    A: Yes, Flex & Move™ Tummy trimmer helps in reducing your belly fat.

    Q: Which Tummy Trimmer is best?
    A: Many tummy trimmers are made out of Springs, This could lead to injuries while exercising. Flex & Move™ Tummy trimmer is made out of a thick Latex Resistance band which is safe and has high resistance.

    Q: What is the benefit of Tummy Trimmer?
    A: Flex & Move™ Tummy trimmer is used as a workout tool for your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt.

    📦 Product Includes:

    1 x Flex & Move™ Tummy Trimmer Exerciser
    1 x User Manual

    📦 Product Specifications

    Size 20.86×9.84 inch
    Color: Purple/Pink
    Material: Environmental Foam & NBR
    Weight: 0.67lb(300g)

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