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    SunRay™ Heavy Duty LED Flashlight
    SunRay™ Heavy Duty LED Flashlight
    SunRay™ Heavy Duty LED Flashlight
    SunRay™ Heavy Duty LED Flashlight
    SunRay™ Heavy Duty LED Flashlight

    SunRay™ Heavy Duty LED Flashlight

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    When You Go Camping Or Walking In A Dark Alley Or Place, Having A Bright Flashlight Is A Must Especially If You Looking For Something. In That Case, We Got You Covered! Our SunRay™ Is A Bright And Heavy Duty LED Flashlight That You Can Use To Safely Navigate Through The Dark Or Find Things Easier!


    “This exceeded my expectations and I'm still excited to use this flashlight for walking, hiking, and anything else. The rechargeable flashlight I so when hurricane season, when I go camping, I always need a flashlight, I like this one is charging it is strongly recommended that, if someone is looking for a very good quality rechargeable battery flashlight but if it was in the house or in a nearby, charging its work will be very happy, always very interesting launch glow in the dark.”

    -Angel M.

    A Very Bright Light That Can Be Seen From Far Away - Our SunRay™ has a super-bright beam that can easily illuminate almost half of the football field. Making it a must tool when you are going to camp or traveling in a dark place.

    Controllable Lighting Modes - Our SunRay™  has a switch that allows you to control the light to suit your needs, whether you are going for a night walk, camping, fishing, or other night activities.

    Rechargeable Flashlight - Changing batteries is annoying especially when you don’t have one when you really need a light. Luckily our SunRay™ has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours and can be easily charged by any USB cable.

    Durable And Waterproofed - Our SunRay™ has IP65 waterproof design that can endure bad weather, heavy rain, and made sturdy and durable so that it won’t break especially when you need it the most

    Shock And Damage Resistant - Our SunRay™ is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy to make it sturdy, durable, and heavy-duty that can resist fall, rust, scratch, corrode, and other things that might damage the flashlight.

    Now You Can Have A Very Bright Flashlight That Can Easily Illuminate Dark Areas With The Help Of Our SunRay™. Perfect For Camping, Night Walk, Fishing, And Other Night Activities

    ✔️Very Bright Light

    ✔️Durable And Waterproof

    ✔️Controllable Light Mode

    ✔️Damage And Shock-Resistant

    ✔️Rechargeable Battery

    📦 Package Includes

    1 package of SunRay™ Heavy Duty LED Flashlight

    ✨Product Specifications ✨

    Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 248mm*60mm*33mm

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