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    Phishin™ Automatic Fishing Rod Bracket

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    • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Stable, reliable, and super easy to set up. Not only did it enable me to catch more fish by doing less, I feel like I’m sitting laidback and being served by the river as I soak in the sun and let the rods do their thing!

      - Sam W.

      Main Benefits:

      ✔️ Fully Automatic Fishing Rod Bracket, Super Easy to Assemble & Install

      ✔️ Just Set It Up, Kick Back & Be Fishin’ Hands-Free In No Time

      ✔️ All Fishing Rod Types Supported

      ✔️ More Fishing, More Leisure, Less Effort


      Fully Automated Fishing Experience: Kick Back, Relax & Be Fishin’ Hands-Free 

      Easy to set up, straightforward to use, and lightweight for the go, this foldable double-spring fishing pole bracket brings a new layer of leisure to your fishing experience. All the good times that you’re used to, only even more laidback, and even smoother—you can even use multiple Phishin™’s to automate several fishing rods at once, and collect from all sides, like an eight-handed octopus fishing machine.

      Picture yourself crack-opening a cold one, having just set up three fishing rods in under three minutes, and letting them do the “heavy lifting” for you:

      • Powerful Double-Spring Mechanism For Smooth & Reliable Control
      • Stake-Shaped Stainless Steel, Easy to Set Up Anywhere In Under a Minute
      • Supports All Fishing Rod Types

      Go Phishin™ today & save 40%.

      Invest in an automated, more laidback fishing, and save extra.

      Less Time Micromanaging Your Fishing Rod, More Time Relaxing

      Peace of Mind: Enjoy Hassle-Free Fishing Adventures

      Automate Several Rods & Catch More


      Package Includes:

      1 x Spectral™ RGB Corner Lamp

      A smoother, more efficient, and more relaxing fishing is just around the corner.

      • Enjoy Hassle-Free Leisure & Recreation
      • No More Special Watches & Empty Staring at the Bobber
      • Automate Your Fishing Efforts to Catch More By Doing Less

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