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    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush
    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush
    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush
    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush
    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush
    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush
    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush

    Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush

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    Yes! You need a super soft toothbrush to protect your teeth!
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Arrived a day earlier than expected, and pleasantly surprised to find it so much softer than expected- at first I thought it might be too soft to clean the teeth! But again I was delightfully wrong and it goes exactly as it’s advertised and feels exactly as advertised. What you see is what you get and do much more :) I bought two orders so I won’t need to buy again for a while, but when I go, I’ll be buying these again and again until I can’t.”

    - Gail H.

    ULTRA SOFT — Using Japanese nanotechnology, more than 20,000 micro-fine bristles are much thinner than other soft bristles which thicknesses at 120μm, fine and soft, deep oral cleaning, designed for sensitive teeth.

    DEEP CLEANSE — the ultra-fine BPA-free bristles get into more difficult corners and spaces between teeth and gum margins, produce 20 times more rich bubbles, remove plaque more effectively.


    GENTLE BRUSHING The ultra-soft toothbrush does great cleaning jobs and without harming gums, avoids overstimulation and at the same time does tender gum massage, ideally for elderly, pregnant women gum recessions, and people wearing braces.

    BEST DESIGN The extra soft bristles planted with cutting edge melting bristle technology, no metal staple used inside. The back of the brush head has a tongue and cheek cleaner. An ergonomically designed thumb grip allows you to have a comfortable and firm grip.

    PERFECT GIFT — When you use our Super Soft Toothbrush and you can really feel its advantages. Our toothbrushes are packaged in elegant translucent plastic boxes, you can send them to your friends and family as gifts, we are sure they will love them.

    ✔️ Micro fine soft
    ✔️ Deep Cleanse
    ✔️ Ultimate Soft Care
    ✔️ Comfortable Grip
    ✔️ Hygiene Champion Toothbrush

    📦Package Include:

    1 x Black/White Ultrafine Soft Tooth Brush

     Set of 2 (1 x Black and 1 x White Ultrafine Soft Toothbrush)

    Set of 4 (2 x Black and 2 x White Ultrafine Soft Toothbrush)

    ✅ Soft as Feather  Perfect for those with sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, or toothaches.

    ✅ Healthy White Teeth  Thousands of ultra-soft & fine bristles for effective deep teeth cleaning.

    Healthy Gum Micro bristles, ultimate care for gum health, and tooth enamels.

    Safe Material Bristles are crafted from ultra-soft and anti-bacterial nylon. The toothbrush's handle is crafted from BPA-free plastic for better durability.

    ✅ No More Bleeding Designed to bring maximum comfortability to your teeth and gum while ensuring no stains are left behind!

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