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DrillMax™ Flexible Screwdriver Drill Bit

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Convertible Shaft with bits attachment (10pcs) –

I've had lots of bolts and screws to remove in an awkward position. So, I came across this handy little tool add-on. All I can say is, I wish I had this a long time ago. You receive two in a pack, to which I have one in each of my cordless drill bags. It's made of good quality plastic and metal. Only the inside turns making it really easy to hold while using it.
- Vince M.

✔️ Drive In Screws From a Distance, Hassle-Free

✔️ No More Bending Over Backwards to Get to Hard-to-Reach Spots

✔️ Do More Faster & Save Time Moving Stuff Around & Repositioning

✔️ Reach Both Ends from The Starting Position

A stress-free screwdriving is just around the corner.

Imagine being able to drive screws into even the hardest-to-reach spots, without moving stuff around, struggling to choose the right-size screwdriver, or bending over backwards to reach them: Meet the DrillMax™ Flexible Screwdriver Drill Bit.

  • Suitable for Computer Cases, Furniture & More
  • Easy to Bend, Stable, And Rotatable In All Directions
  • Sturdy & Well-Built

Get the DrillMax™ Flexible Screwdriver Drill Bit today to save 40%.
Invest in a hassle-free, smarter DIY now to save extra.
Excellent for Hard-to-Reach Spots
Invest In a Reliable Tool That Lasts a Lifetime
Get More Done Faster & Easier On the Back

Flexible Cobra Drill Extension Bit | Suko Store

Package Includes:

DrillMax™ Flexible Screwdriver Drill Bit

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2Pcs Flexible Shaft Bit Extension Screwdriver Drill Bit Holder Connecting  Link|flexible shaft|drill bit holderflexible shaft bits extension -  AliExpress

Drive a Screw Hassle-Free 

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