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    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush
    Detangle Hair Brush

    Detangle Hair Brush

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    Say goodbye to your old brush!

    Our innovative Nylon Detangling Brush™ gently detangles your hair into soft, manageable locks  & also helps to lock in moisture , balance locks & release negative ions , leaving you with shiny, healthy looking hair .

    The combined nylon tips and boar bristles gently glide through tangled & wet hair without the discomfort of traditional brushes. The flexible body adapts to your head for a softer experience. In addition, open slats provide better airflow  when blow-drying.

    Experience a new level of comfort while styling! Our ergonomic, non-slip handle is convenient to hold , it won't tire your hand as easily as other brushes.


    • Perfect for tangles:
      Brushing out hair that's full of tangles can hurt a lot! But our innovative brush with combined nylon tips & boar bristles glides easily through tangled & wet hair, leaving your strands soft & manageable.

    • Silky & Shiny Hair:
      Natural boar bristles promote healthy hair by stimulating the scalp's natural oils. It helps lock in moisture, balance strands and release negative ions for shinier & healthier hair.

    • Phenomenal Flexibility:
      Has an extremely flexible shape that adapts to the shape of your head, allowing it to glide smoothly through your hair every time.

    • Dry in no time:
      Our vented hairbrush with open fins provides maximum airflow, drying your hair in record time.

    • Ergonomically designed:
      Holding styling brushes for hours is exhausting, but this ergonomic, non-slip handle is convenient to hold, so it won't tire your hand as quickly as all other brushes.

    • Stimulate Hair Growth:
      This hairbrush has a large head with a curved shape, which allows optimal contact points & angles with the scalp, while stimulating natural hair oil.

    • For all hair types:
      It can be used by men & women regardless of hair type. Fine hair can benefit from the boar bristles, which boost natural hair oils for healthier hair, while thicker hair will enjoy the detangling properties of this hairbrush.


    • Material: ABS
    • Dimensions: 7.5 x 25 cm
    • Color : Red, Pink, Black, White, Gold


    • 1 x Detangling Nylon Brush™

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