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    Deep Conditioning Heat Cap Steamer

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    This temperature control heating cap is manufactured with high-quality plastic and cloth. Once the overheating occurs, it will disconnect the electricity to protect itself. So it's really safe to use. With three levels of temperature control, you can freely adjust the temperature as you like.

    The use of hair caps can improve the quality of hair dyeing and enable the hair to effectively absorb nutrients.
    Shorten the dyeing time and make the dyeing firm and even.
    Through rapid heating and intelligent temperature control, it protects hair from perm damage.
    The inner cover is equipped with a spiral heating wire for uniform heating.
    The colour is firm, can improve the colour quality of the hair, and maintain the hair quality after the perm is damaged.
    It is an essential tool for hair care at home.

    Size: 27cm*17cm
    Voltage: EU plug:220V, UK plug:220V, US plug:110V
    Power: 50-75w
    Temperature: 40°C-69°C (affected by external factors, the hair is oiled and maintained, there is no problem with perming)
    1 x Hair Steamer Cap


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