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    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser
    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser

    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser

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    Cleansing Fire™ Flame Diffuser

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I was AMAZED by how much different I felt the first day with CleansingFire™️. I cleaned my house to perfection and let it do its thing - and now suddenly all the worries of yesterday feel like a distant memory!”

    -  Fiona W.

    Enrich Your Living Space & Soothe Your Spirit With The Purest Scent Of Essential Oils

    Ever asked yourself why sometimes you’re able to simply relax and soak in the good vibes at home, while other times everything seems to feel kinda off?

    You may blame yourself or think it’s the weather, But you may not even notice that the room is being SMOTHERED with stale air.

    CleansingFire™️ uses unique artificial flame dispersion technology to ensure that your home, hair, skin, lungs & spirit reap maximum rewards from essential oil diffusion.

    Refresh Dry Air & Add Exhilarating Fragrance

    Using a patented artificial flame dispersion technology, CleansingFire™️ adds a unique touch to your living space while helping you finally part ways with stale & dry air that drain your energy.

    Keep Your Hair & Skin Moisturized
    Just like your lungs, your skin & hair need to breathe and keep moisture on a healthy level, because they’re very much alive, too;

    CleansingFire™️ infuses the air with just the right amount of moisture to help them thrive.

    Soothe Anxiety & Improve Focus
    The subconscious part of you makes you feel off for a reason - it’s giving you a sign that something’s off. So when the air is stale, dry, or odorant, that stuff evokes bad vibes.

    CleansingFire™️ helps you stay in tune with your higher self by making the air you breathe better.

    Fact: Memories of scent last longer and are more easily recognized. So evoke the good ones, right?

    Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Well-Rested

    Because the scent mostly triggers subconscious mechanisms, dreams and your ability to unwind are very much influenced by the quality of the air you breathe and the fragrance it may have.

    CleansingFire™️ ensures you get the best of both.

    Enjoy Heavenly Showers, Yoga & More

    Upgrade your self-care routine with CleansingFire™️;

    Everything you do to make your life more fulfilled can be raised to a yet higher level, with just a little bit of fresh air and replenishing fragrance.

    CleansingFire™️ Features:

    ✓ Simulation Flame Lighting Effect
    ✓ One-Tap Brightness Adjustment
    ✓ Water Shortage & Power Failure Protection
    ✓ Electroplating Touch Technology

    Shop Today to Breathe Better & Save 50% with FREE Expedited Shipping.
    Stimulate your senses and breathe fresh air
    Improve hair & skin appearance and health
    Elevate your living space & enjoy spiritual ambiance


    Package Includes:

    CleansingFire™️ Flame Diffuser

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