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    BeautyLashes™ Eyelashes Extension

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    How do you feel when you get a compliment on your eyelashes? BeautyLashes™  gifts you with the perfect eyelashes extension so you can look your best every single day.

    Makes Your Eyes More Charming And Attractive - Our BeautyLashes™ is a very soft eyelashes extension to make it feel more natural and make your eyes look more charming and attractive without the burden.

    Doesn’t Leave Any Residue On Transfer Strip - Our BeautyLashes™ is specially processed to ensure that the eyelashes won’t leave any residue when picked off from the transfer strip.

    Lashes Don’t Stick Together When Removed - Unlike other eyelashes extension that sticks together when removed on a strip causing you a burden to split them, our BeautyLashes™ was carefully made to ensure that each lash won’t stick to each other when removed.

    Soft And Easy To Fan Eyelashes Extension - Our BeautyLashes™ was carefully handmade using very soft materials to make eyelashes look more natural and easy to fan.

    Now you can have soft, and easy to fan eyelashes that magnify the charm and the true beauty of your eyes with the use of our BeautyLashes™.

    ✔️Soft And Cruelty-Free 

    ✔️No Kink And Glue Residue

    ✔️Easy To Fan

    ✔️Magnifies The Charm Of Your Eyes

    📦 Package Includes

    1 set of BeautyLashes™ Eyelashes Extension

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