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    Anti Vibration Washing Machine Pads (Pack of 4)

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    Are you tired of the sound of the washing machine's unnecessary vibrations? One of the main causes of these vibrations is the uneven ground where the washing machine is located. With Anti Vibration Washing Machine Pads (Pack of 4) you can wash and dry your clothes without the unnecessary sound of a vibrating machine echoing through the house!
    With these anti-vibration support cushions, you do not have to move your washing machine! No more scratches on the floor and no frustration! Just place the non-slip sound-absorbing pads in the bottom of your washing machine and the result? - Reduced noise and vibration when using it.

    Highly Shock Absorbing - Unlike other brands, the rubber used here is designed to absorb shocks caused by the engine of the washing machine and make sure it is so quiet that you may forget it is there!

    Prevents Movements And Shakes - its unique design provides a strong grip from the top and bottom of each pad that prevents the washing machine's vibrations and prevents it from going or slipping around. The extra grip on the top gives extra grip on the washing machine's feet, which further minimizes its movements and shaking.

    Easy To Use - can be installed with a few simple steps. You do not need tools or call for professional installation!

    Strong - the rubber used for the pillows is almost indestructible! It is a tough, durable material that is designed to survive your appliances.

    Multifunctional - can also be used in all other appliances in your home.

    One Size Fits All - you do not have to worry about whether it fits your washing machine, it is made universal for all types of washing machines or appliances.

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