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    4 in 1 Facial Cleaner
    4 in 1 Facial Cleaner
    4 in 1 Facial Cleaner
    4 in 1 Facial Cleaner
    4 in 1 Facial Cleaner

    4 in 1 Facial Cleaner

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    The Smartest Brush for Your Best Cleanse Yet

    This brush is the answer to the world’s most advanced sonic cleansing system. The waterproof facial cleansing brush uses an electric motion and three speeds for a deep clean. Whatever your skin type or skin problem, the brush will work for you.

    Cleanse. Massage. Rejuvenate.

    ✔ Double the cleaning effect: 
    It uses a sound wave frequency of more than 300 oscillations per second,which is more effective in deep cleaning the skin, even softer, which is 7 times better than cleaning the hand alone.

    ✔ 4 Brush heads to meet your different needs: 
    4 different replacement heads, a long soft brush for daily deep cleaning, a silicone brush for gentle exfoliation, and a wash face for fiber brush head and a steel ball massage head. Massage to meet all your skin care needs.

    ✔ 3 Speeds and one button control:
     soft at low speed, suitable for skin damage or fragile,even very sensitive skin conditions; high speed development for deep cleaning, suitable for comfort and more intense cleaning.

    ✔ Rechargeable USB + Waterproof: 
    Built-in lithium battery, it takes 2 hours to fully charge, lasts about 3 weeks, and it is convenient anywhere.


    How Does It Work?

    Ultrasonic Power Experience your deepest clean ever with 6500 Ultrasonic pulsations per minute cleaning out your pores to remove 99% of dirt, oil, make-up residue, dead skin and more.

    Massaging Function - It's massaging rotations help to bring oxygen to your skin’s blood vessels, increasing collagen production, for a healthy & natural glow. This firms your skin which helps reduce lines and fights wrinkles.

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