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    ZenPaw™️: Safety Dog Cradle for Car Seats
    Punchline: Protect your car interior and secure your pet in a comfy cradle!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Easy to clean pet hair and wash, installs in a minute and you can even wear it over the shoulder. Definitely calls for more adventure time with the doggo!


    Dog on board?

    Certainly far comfier for pets than those claustrophobic plastic pet carriers, this premium cradle helps make car rides more enjoyable for the both of you.

    By protecting your car seat from pet hair and other inconveniences, while keeping your dog secure in the least restraining way possible, you’ll be able to enjoy safer and neater car rides without worrying whether they’re about to leap out.

    ZenPaw™️ isolates your car seat instead of your best friend, letting them be part of the adventure without compromising your car interior or steering your focus away from the road.

    Why Dogs & Owners Love ZenPaw™️:

    Straightforward Installation - It only takes a minute. With quick-release snap buckles and a built-in adjustable back strap, ZenPaw™️ quickly attaches to any car seat with a headrest while also enabling you to wear it over the shoulder.

    Adjustable-Length Collar Tether - One of ZenPaw™️’s key features, this handy addition attaches to your pet’s collar, letting you adjust it just to ensure they don’t leap out by any chance, but still be able to move around the hammock.

    Easy to Maintain - Waterproof & Scratch-Resistant, ZenPaw™ uses highly durable PVC-coated Oxford cloth to successfully prevent any liquids from reaching your car seat, while also making it super easy to clean shedded hairs and wash it.

    Soft, Comfy and Safe - Combining multiple layers of protection on the bottom with a see-through mesh fabric barrier with thickened edges on the sides for stability, ZenPaw™️ keeps your dog cosy and secure, without boxing them in and making them feel alone.

    P.S. There’s also a zippered pocket to pack any pet essentials, eg. a reward for when they’re being a good boy / girl!

    ZenPaw™ Features Summary:

    ✔️ Small to Medium Size Dogs

    ✔️ Works With Front & Back Seats

    ✔️ Scratch-Resistant & Waterproof

    ✔️ PVC-Coated Oxford Cloth

    ✔️ Easy Snap Buckles Installation

    ✔️ Over-the-Shoulder Strap

    ✔️ Reinforced Edges

    ✔️ Tear-proof Mesh Fabric Sides

    ✔️ Zippered Pocket for Pet Essentials

    ✔️ Washable and Hair-Repellent

    ✔️ Foldable

    NOTICE: We’re receiving more & more orders - we’re doing our best, but the ZenPaw™ cradles are selling out at record speeds!

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